Sunday, November 21, 2010

Research Writing Assignment #2

Cathcart, Brian. "Some Stories

Need to Be Told." New Statesman (London, England) Vol. 137, No. 4885. 25 Feb 2008: 25. SIRS Researcher. Web. 22 Nov 2010.

The topic I was researching on this time was suicide. Over thousands of teen’s think committing suicide is the way out. In the Article I had read Adults had kept on asking Why so many teens were killing themselves. From my point of view it was easy to tell, It was because they were unhappy with there lives. They needed to find another way out. Just to end it all.

But you really shouldn't just end it all. There is another way out! Just talk to someone you trust, someone you can talk to. It'll help. It will show you that if today feels like a horrible day, tomorrow won't be a repeat. It will be different. It could be happy.

In the Article it also showed what the news/media could do by just reporting a suicide case. On one hand, it's a job, and we need to make money in this so-called world. But, on the other hand it's sometimes just better off not mentioned, and a vigil could be held by close family members and friends. Not by thousands of strangers you don't even know.

In the Article they had mentioned about how much information was good to give out, and how much information was honestly just bad to give out. They had said that a while back some News/Media source had given out how the person had committed suicide. In that month alone, there were at least 9 other people who were trying to commit suicide the same way. So the matter on if it should be reported or not is controversial.

The Article had also mentioned that the amount of information given could get the reporter's more pay, but as I said before, cause more suicides. The problem is with News/Media is that some Families want to be discovered, and others just want to be left alone, just to have a vigil on their own...

The article had lastly mentioned on how it was a possibility that some of these suicide stories could be fakes. That just got me really Angry and got me thinking why on Earth would you do that? Don't you know how many extremely emotional people there are in this world? so think about how many of those people would be living in London now? It was really shocking that false stories could be a possible theory in the world of New and Media....

Click on it, It will show you why you shouldn’t commit suicide…
I actually made this video and posted it on my friends youtube, considering I couldn't find a good enough video to be in my blog.
I posted it just as a short summary on what I had learned from the Article's I had read.


  1. Wow - your elaboration has improved! It seems like you put a lot of effort into this entry. You have a balance of personal opinion and information from the article. However, the exact information you were extracting from the article was unclear. Also, introduce the video that you included; give background information regarding why you included it in your entry.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ms.Galang!! I'll try to edit this as best to my ability!