Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tenth Grade Bleeds' Review

The book Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer was beyond amazing!! I couldn't take my eyes off that book, and before I knew it I had finished it in a mere two days!!

In this book, Vlad goes through A lot. For one thing, he’s now dating Meredith, the girl of his dreams. This book had basically picked up from where it last dropped off; That had been when Otis had stayed over the summer for the protection of Vlad and for Nelly of course. I really thought that was very father-like for him. Also, even though he doesn't want to admit it, he does love Nelly. It’s getting a bit too obvious.

It all had started with a short chapter on someone named Ignatius. Which left me confused, I thought I had missed something in the other book that I didn’t comprehend. Then it started off with a question, I had understood that Otis was testing Vlad’s Vampiric Skills. Apparently he had more than Otis had thought on tracking someone down. He had asked Vlad where he was and Vlad pinpointed it saying ho Otis was standing as well, Otis had told him it was unusual for someone to know this much. Vlad considered this a curse while Otis considered it a blessing. In my opinion it’s neither, it’s just genetics.

It was the first day of school, also known as the day Otis was leaving, the day Vlad’s life went back to “normal”. I knew Vlad would miss Otis. One thing that I knew for sure was that he’d miss Otis’s protection, since it actually said that in the text. Vlad would miss the late night’s up , Learning new skills. Right before Otis was about to leave he had taught Vlad a new skill, the skill of glyphs.

It was the first day of Vlad’s Sophomore year. He was already late. Otis had to talk to Vlad for a second before he had left. I had wondered what it would be about. He was talking to Vlad about his hunger for blood. I thought that was unusual the book had mentioned nothing about his thirst for blood rising. Again, I thought I missed something in the previous book. Otis had again mentioned drinking blood from the source, in other words a human. But Vlad was against that, since he was half-human as well. He was against the whole Drinking-Blood-Against-A-Human’s-Will thing. Otis did mention donor’s that’s when in my mind it seemed like Vlad was listening. Because it wouldn’t be against the person’s will. But, there was a problem.. They were located in Paris. Vlad had then instantly denied the request. I was wondering why Vlad denied this request knowing that he would eventually feed on someone. Vlad wouldn’t leave Bathory for Blood. Over here, he had Henry, Nelly & Meredith Of course, his sweet caring, loving,pretty girlfriend.

Vlad had met up with Henry they were talking on the way to school and just found out Snelgrove was there. Thee old Middle school Principal. There was a problem with that, Snelgrove hated Vlad with all his will. I found that kind of amusing actually, I wondered what dumbfounded idea’s Snelgrove would suspend Vlad for, I was just aching to know.

This, Vlad thought was going to be the worst year of his high school life. Vlad was finally at school, where he met Meredith! She, as always was talking to Melissa Hart, one of her Friends. This kind of reminded me of the stereo-typical Popular Clique. Vlad & Meredith had decided to met at Henry's aunts food joint, tomorrow. While Vlad was looking for his locker he ran into Eddie. In my opinion I was wondering when Eddie would actually stop stalking Vlad and get some friends as well as a Life. Eddie Poe, the freak that was stalking Vlad ever since his eyes turned a purple right before his eyes. Eddie was holding his new S.L.R camera. It was time for class...

School was over. Vlad & Henry were on there way home. Vlad could tell Eddie was stalking him. One reason, he heard that annoying click constantly. It came up every second of his life on his way home. If I were Vlad since I have anger issues, I would have threatened Eddie right on the spot.

Today Vlad had to say good-bye to Otis. Otis had to leave, because D'ablo was trying to find a ritual so that he could become the Pravus. Vlad had tried his best to make Otis stay; but, in the end Otis had left.

After Otis had let D'ablo came at Vlad's front Door. Vlad had noticed a change in D'ablo. He was talking, he didn't send out his goons to kill him, or kill him himself. It was Vlad's Father's Journal that Vlad had wanted. Vlad had certainly denied to give it to him. Even I would have done the same if D'ablo had tried to kill me Multiple times.

D'ablo had then left saying that he would torment him and left. I had instantly thought Otis!! I had come to this conclusion because Vlad couldn't get in-touch with Otis, neither could Vikas.

It was the night of Halloween & Vlad was going as Frankenstein's Monster. Vlad then noticed he couldn't contact Otis. He told Vikas and he was facing the same. He went to go get Henry who didn't want to come, so he left. He had met Meridith at the party and left. He had took Meredith outside of his home, and they had kissed. When Nelly had opened the door Vlad was almost about to bite Nelly. I felt sad for Vlad at that moment, he couldn't be with the one he loved. I had also thought this was unlike Vlad and thought D'ablo was controlling him. Later that night, he had a nightmare, He was being tortured. He woke up abruptly & figured out it was all a dream.

Someone named Igantius was named after Vlad. I wondered if D'ablo had sent him for Tomas's books.

Vlad had told Henry, his Drudge about his dream, At school. The bell had rung & Vlad was off to class. But Meredith came by and greeted him. Before I knew it they were making out in a broom closet. At this point I figured out Meredith really liked Vlad. But soon enough, Snelgrove had caught them. He gave them both a detention. I was kind of Furious, because I knew this was all done in Snelgrove's hate for Vlad.

Eddie had found out Vlad was a Vampire. Vlad had asked Henry what was wrong, He was acting out of place lately. I was noticing that as well. Henry didn't go anywhere with Vlad. Henry had replied it's you.HE had let the monster within him come out. In my opinion there had to have been another problem... Henry had really wanted freedom from Vlad.

It was another day in Bathory high & it was lunch. Vlad had seen Henry at theopular table and pulled him over. I thought there was really something going wrong in Henry's Life & that he wasn't ready to tell Vlad. Henry got furious and Left...

A few days later Vlad had found out a way to set a drudge free. I had thought, it's done, nothing will ever be the same again, This series will die out and become boring.

Ignatius had finally found him. He was laughing as if he were stronger. Vlad had went to the Crypt for a Valentine Party & saw this pretty girl named Snow. He later drank from her. Vlad, was now terrified he had never drank from a human before. He had rushed to Henry and told him about the whole thing.

Vlad's nightmare were still continuing, He thought it was D'ablo torturing him. (some of that is right) So he went to Henry and told him he thought that it would be better if they sent it through FedEx!! Vlad had thought that this was a dumb idea, & that it would be better if they met face to face.

Vlad and D'ablo finally met face to face. He had found out that D'ablo was toturing Otis. I was glad i was right. Then they had a fight and Vlad won using the pravus tool. Later that day Henry told clad he still wanted to be his druge. Vlad also broke up with meredith...

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